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Video from India & Nepal (Summer 2013)

Kathmandu, Nepal


Man oh man, being in Nepal was such a sweet time. I was still not feeling very well, but despite getting sick there only a few times, I felt good most of the week. I knew this week in Nepal was going to be great, but seriously, I just had so much fun.

First of all, I realized this summer how much I need people. I long having good conversations with those I love, doing fun things with them, and just the presence of those important to me make me one happy gal. Now you are all probably thinking, “Well duh, everyone does.” But I love being by myself also. Since I was fine when I went to Uganda by myself a year & a half ago and was there for over a month, I thought I would be just fine on this trip since I had dear friends that I would be living with.. even though it was for a longer period of time. However, I realized that I longed to talk to my closest friends a LOT this time around. I came to the conclusion that I will probably never travel like this alone again. Although I love the adventure, there are just things that you miss doing it “alone.” I want to be able to share that same experience with someone else from now on.. whether that is my best girl friend or my future husband.

I know that sounds silly, but really, many times this summer I felt like I had so much I wanted to talk about, but no one to express it to. Having no one around me my age that I have history with was a challenge, and I had no idea how much I would need that.  Community is so important. Even though I totally had that with the incredible M’s that I lived with (who were such a HUGE blessing to me), it’s different with people your own age who you’ve been doing life with for a while. But enough rambling.. back to Nepal. Because of this, once I finally got to Nepal where there were people I knew from home and some who were my age, I. WAS. ECSTATIC. One of my guy friends from home, Zach, was there with a team of 3 other guys around my age. Zach is the one who led the team on the Honduras trip I went on right before I came to India this summer. They had been in Nepal for 6 weeks, and I was looking forward to meeting up with them the whole summer. Also, a team from a church that I am close to from home, Longview, was there the same week I was, doing the same thing. It was SO GOOD to see some familiar faces. Seriously, so good.

The team from Longview and I got to watch some awesome MK’s during the day while their even more awesome parents were in meetings. It was completely chaotic and loud and obnoxious, and so much fun all at the same time. We had really long days, so most of the time I crashed by.. ehhh, 9 maybe? For real though, 9pm at the latest. But it was so worth it. I mean look at these cute little faces and how much fun we had!


Thankfully, the team from Longview was so gracious to me and let me stay with them & work with them the entire week. I really could not be more grateful for them. I enjoyed hanging out with them and being apart of their team so much. In my free time, I hung out with Zach and his team (Spencer, Mark, and Caleb) for the most part. It was so good to be around people my age who have the same desire and passion to make much of Jesus in the same way that I do. Plus, we had tons of fun.

On my last night in Nepal we saw Monsters University. (the 2nd time I’ve seen it since being in South Asia 🙂 ) Surprisingly, the theaters I’ve been to in India and Nepal are much nicer than the ones in America.


Although there are SO many differences between India & Nepal, a similarity is the religions. Hinduism & Buddhism are dominant in this country as well. We visited the Boudha Stupa, the 2nd biggest and most holy Buddhist worship spot. There were several people walking around it, turning the wheels to get credit for their prayers.











The day before I left, I went with Zach and his team to Pashapati, where one of the world’s largest Hindu temples is. They burn around 70 bodies a day here (for anyone to see), and then put the ashes into a “holy” river which they believe carries them to their next stage of reincarnation.  IMG_6575 IMG_6576 IMG_6578

While the 5 of us were in Pashapati, before we went down to the temple, we spent hours in a park-like area where tons & tons of people were. We got to talk to & share the Gospel with many people. We had a blast playing cricket, trading magic tricks, chasing little kids, and talking with these Nepali’s. IMG_6522IMG_0716IMG_6567IMG_6520IMG_6527IMG_6548photo

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of a sweet 20 year old girl I got to share the entire Gospel with, Roman’s Road, and talk in detail about several things regarding Jesus, His Gospel, and life after death. She was sitting with her 3 sisters, but she was the only one who could speak and understand English. She seemed very interested. She was honest with me and asked several questions. When I talked to her about a decision she said, “I will have to think about it before I make a decision.. I worship this god and my sister worships another, and you worship this Jesus who you say I cannot worship anyone or anything else if I follow him.. So I just have to think about it before I do anything.” That was the most open & honest response I’ve gotten the entire time I’ve been in South Asia. I wanted to talk to her more, but we were interrupted by a man who had been standing beside us listening to our conversation the entire time without my knowledge. He began to raise his voice and get angry at me saying, “You are a missionary!? You are prophesying about Jesus and you are trying to convert! You cannot do that! I know what you are doing! I know that you are a missionary!” Thankfully, one of the guys I was with, Mark, heard the man and came quickly to talk to him, so I had to get up then.

Zach started to show some magic tricks that he knew to just a few guys he was talking to, and it ended up drawing a huge crowd..IMG_6556

He took this opportunity to share with this group his story and God’s story and began telling them how the Lord completely changed his life when he was 16 years old. The group quickly dwindled.. IMG_6565

We have to know that some will walk away and be completely uninterested, but some will stay. Praising God no matter what happens, know that when you share the Gospel with someone, we are to share, and He is the one who saves.

Now encounters with monkeys are inevitable in this part of the world.. They are NOT cute & cuddly. They are mean. They will jump on you and bite you and steal your small children. No joke. The key is to not interact with them.. no attempting to pet or feed these animals.



And do not.. I repeat do NOT stand in front of one for a long period of time trying to take a picture of it. It WILL make this nasty, scary face at you and run at you. Just trust me.


So coming from and going back to India, I can’t help but compare Nepal to India. Even though they are so close together, they are SO different. Now this is obviously just my observations from my very short time in both of these places, so I certainly do not claim to know all about neither Nepal nor India. From my experience, the people in Nepal are much more friendly and open. Contrary to the people in India, they tend to not like controversy. They are just much more warm. The people I talked to in Nepal were very curious about this Jesus I was talking to them about. Not once did I get blown off like I did so many times during my time in India.

The day I landed in Kathmandu, Nepal, I spent the day going to and from the airport, picking up and dropping off M’s. I was only in the country for an hour & a half at the most, when on my second trip to the airport, I shared with a 15 year old girl the Good News of Jesus. She had IMG_6242heard a little bit about Jesus before because of some European tourists who came to her school and shared with them. After I shared the Gospel with her, she ended up being a person of peace. The first person of peace I have found the entire time I have been in South Asia. I had been in India for a month & a half and did not talk to a single person who really wanted to know more about Jesus (that I know of). But I was only in Nepal for an hour and a half, and already, someone was open to hear more about Jesus and was genuinely curious about the Gospel. An hour and a half. This just shows the contrast between India and Nepal.

Honestly, this triggered some resentment and frustration towards HP. Now I am not saying this to say that Nepal is better than India or that I liked it more or anything like that. They are just so different. There is so much history between these 2 countries that I wish I could share on here (but let’s be honest, I’m already long-winded enough 😉 ). To be brief, Nepal was once a country completely closed off to the Gospel. No one was allowed in or out. Many years ago, some M’s spent years & years at the border of Nepal praying everyday that God would open the country so that the Gospel would be able to get to the people. A friend who told me this said that one day God did just that. He opened Nepal, and since then, God has had his hand on that country. People travel there to seek out different religions and answers. It has never been the same. Not to say that there are tons and tons of believers in Nepal. That is not the case at all. But it is evident that the Lord has changed the people group as a whole. He has softened their hearts, giving them a curiosity and interest in the Good News of Jesus.


IMG_6252 IMG_6260

I know, by God’s grace, that I will be back here. Hopefully in a year. I absolutely LOVED my time there, and I am so so thankful for the opportunity to get to be in this place. Please join me in prayer for this country.

  • Pray for the M’s who are currently there and the challenges they have to face on a daily basis: the very real risk of persecution, steep mountain trails to be hiked, and frigid temperatures. Pray that the Lord would give them grace and His strength to press on and remember that their home is not here. Not in Nepal. Not in America. But their home is in heaven with Christ. Pray that they would be reminded of that daily and really trust that truth.
  • Pray for the government. For more than 200 years, Nepal has been a Hindu country. But through a miraculous turn of events (GOD), changes in the government have paved the way for a birth of a democracy, allowing more religious freedom. Nepal is still in transition, so pray for the leaders of the country.. that the Lord (who is the sovereign one regardless) would put in place leaders who follow God. Pray for the current leaders, that they would come to know Jesus and follow hard after Him.
  • Pray for Bible translation and distribution.
  • Pray for more people to be sent to Nepal to live among the people & spread the Gospel.
  • Pray for the believers there. New and old. Pray that they would be strengthened and encouraged.
  • Pray that Jesus would be lifted high and the millions of idols and demons enslaving this nation would be brought low.
  • Pray for those who do not know Jesus. Pray that God would, right now, soften their hearts and prepare them to hear the Good News of Jesus. Pray that they would be receptive and come to know Christ. Pray that people would come to know Jesus and follow hard after Him, reaching the people around them. Pray for churches to be planted, that they would be healthy, Gospel-centered, and reproducing.

I beg you not to just read these words, but to really join me in praying for this country!

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him. -1 John 5:14-15

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. -2 Chronicles 7:14 

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. -1 Timothy 2:1-6