Day 7: Beit Shemesh, Eila Valley & Hebron

Some highlights from today:

We visited the Valley of Elah where David fought Goliath (1 Sam. 17:2, 19). We talked about that story here, but focusing on a completely different aspect of the story than what I’ve always heard it told. We talked about how David was first asked to carry cheese to the commander of the unit before he fought Goliath (1 Samuel 17:18). Faithfulness in small things produces faithfulness in big things.




Next, we went to Beer Sheva (Abraham’s well), in the Negev Desert. This place was a lot of fun because we got to go underground into some caves, and who doesn’t love that? We talked about election here. We have been chosen because of God’s prior choice and initiation. Election is “one on behalf of another,” not one over another. God isn’t showing favoritism through election. If you are in Christ, yes, He has sovereignly chosen you, but you’re election doesn’t make you better. It doesn’t mean you’re special. It was that so through you, the Gospel will go to the whole world.


A few thoughts about election and what we are chosen for: (#1 God’s glory)

#2: We are chosen in sovereignty for the rebellious. God came and found you. You have not been saved because you thought it was a good idea or you worked your way up. #3: We are chosen for mission for those who are far off/ unreached. #4: We are chosen for suffering for those who are under hardship (Romans 4). #5: We are chosen in faith for those who are faithless (Genesis 15).

What I hope you get from this, believers, is that your salvation is nothing about you. It’s not about how you can be a better Christian and have a better spiritual life. It’s so that God would be exalted and to reach those around you.



Our last stop of the day was Hebron, Abraham’s hometown & burial place of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & their wives. Here, we talked about waiting because David waited here for 7 years before He went to Jerusalem to be king. There’s so much sanctification that takes place in the seasons of waiting in your life. Many of the Psalms that David writes are while he is in solitude.. not when he is doing publicly profound things. He worships God during this time of waiting. Sometimes there are things that need to be washed out of your life before you move on.. sometimes these are what those “waiting” times are for. Remember that God’s plan is to glorify Himself through your life. So stop being in such a hurry to get out of the season you’re in. Wait on Him for the purpose of His name being made great in your life and among the nations.







Today we prayed specifically for Jordan; please join us!


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